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Colby Harris completes 2nd summer with Grit University

On Wednesday night this past week, we celebrated Colby Harris' completion of his second summer as an intern at Grit University. We enjoyed a multi-course meal at Seasons 52 with Colby's mom and two siblings accompanied by my wife and I.

It has been a fun and rewarding journey to watch Colby over these past two summers. He has been an absolute sponge in absorbing the principles and adapting to the schedule and mindset that the internship requires. He took on additional leadership and management this summer, and he further developed his sales skills by helping launch our corporate sponsorship offerings this summer. It was a delight to be around his upbeat and positive personality, and my wife and I are grateful for the incredible example he set for all of the counselors and campers as well as for our own children.

Last summer Colby earned a profit of $6,000, and this summer he was able to increase his profit to $10,000! He earned a salary of $250 per week but received a profit sharing check reflecting the growth in sales over 2020 as well as factoring in his additional responsibilities. Colby will be joining the staff full-time and helping us launch several new objectives this Fall. We are very excited for him to join the team as we know he will be an incredible asset for moving forward.

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