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Confidence vs. Self-esteem

In part 2 of the podcast hosted by a local child psychiatrist, Jen talks about the difference between building a child's self-esteem and building a child's confidence.  Jen talks about building confidence by doing something outside of your comfort zone and getting through it.  In self-esteem, it's about what you think of yourself.  As parents and coaches, we need to encourage kids to get out of their comfort zone. 

We have seen that play out first hand recently with our oldest two children.  Our sophomore in high school starting playing lacrosse last year and has really put in the time and effort to increase his skills to overcome starting the sport much later in life than other kids on the team.  This year he was named captain of his JV team and has had a phenomenal season so far leading his team and racking up assists and goals (see the attached video for his first goal!)  

Additionally, our middle son Max was talked into playing volleyball for his school to join his two other friends and they ended up being the only 3 boys in the league!  Having never played before, he was thrown in the fire to figure it out, and he had a great season.  Even though they lost in the 3rd set in the league championship game, he really developed confidence by taking on a new sport and figuring it out. 

Have a great week!

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