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Grit Camp Week 3 Update

We had an amazing week at Grit Camp this week with 54 campers and 13 counselors. We had 3 groups divided up by age group and activities included playing a basketball tournament, hoopjam, kickball, soccer, wiffleball, dodgeball civil war, waterslide kickball, relay races, completing the 10 event Grit Combine, and much more. Our motivational movie for the week was 'Invincible', and we had two incredible speakers including Arrelious Benn (7 season NFL veteran and former Jaguars wide receiver and now local business owner) and Rod Scott (Athletic Trainer with the Jaguars). Arrelious talked about his 'gladiator mentality' as a player and also the idea of servant leadership which he now applies to the coffee shop he and his wife started 2 years ago. Two of our counselors that are Division I athletes (Davis Ellis and Jack Bogan) also spoke to the campers offering sage advice.

Thanks again to all of our counselors and campers that made this week possible!

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