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Welcome to our Blog Podcast Episode 2 - Colby Harris

Episode 2 of the Podcast is now live! This month, we hear from our very own, Colby Harris. Referred to as the first 'product' of, Colby Harris, shares his journey from Grit University intern and Grit Camp counselor to his current role as a Associate.

In this episode, you will hear some of the following:

* How he made it on Matthew McConaughey's instagram story

* How he reacted when a camper but a lizard in his waterbottle

* His journey through surfing

* Being a pioneer Grit University intern

* Why he made the decision to forgo the 'traditional' path of someone his age and came to work with full-time

* His 'game on the line' shot in basketball

There are two videos below. The first is a 'commercial' about Colby Harris - a 2 minute video intro.

The second video is a video of our podcast interview.

Be sure to like, subscribe, and share the podcast! Enjoy!

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