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Lessons from Coaching Youth Sports

It's been a busy couple months brokering domains, pushing through our house renovation (more to come on this later), coaching 4 teams sports, and working with Colby on creating commercials, videos, and podcasts for Grit Media. Coaching my kids over the years has been one of the most fun and exciting opportunities in so many different ways. Spending time and creating memories with each of them, getting to meet and work with so many great youth and families, and watching many of the life and success principles we teach at come to life in real time with each practice and game.

So today we released a 10 minute video highlighting a short span of my middle son's basketball team. We had just come off a tough loss, so Colby and I created a video shadowing me and my assistant coach during a practice and game. The theme was coaching back from a loss and how to make the most of only having two hours with your team each week. It was fun getting to make it, and let us know you want us to make more of these type videos. Thanks!

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