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Pony Tales Podcast

This past weekend I was a guest on a podcast talking about my experience selling books door to door in college and beyond. I also talk about how my experience of selling books door to door opened the door for other life experiences as well. It's hosted by two guys that also worked in the program and interview various alumni that have worked in the 150 year old internship. In this episode you can hear some of these stories:

23:35 - rolling my car 5-6 times off of a highway in Montana going 80 miles an hour

31:48 - bowling the best game of my life (268)

46:00 - meeting Prince William in his dorm room in St. Andrews, Scotland

55:05 - breaking and setting a company record that has stood for over 40 years

1:17:25 - explaining a recurring set of nightmares I have had for 20 years (called 'Bookmares')

1:29 - talk about Grit

1:47:30 - I explain one of the greatest achievements of my life and how it came down to the very last second

Watch listen on YouTube - see below

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