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Why Casey Wasserman is a Genius

Why Casey Wasserman is a Genius

Our firm at Grit Brokerage helps clients buy or sell premium domain names.  Online sales in 2023 ended around $6.3 TRILLION and it's projected that more than 21.2% of all retail sales will be transacted online this year.  As more sales, corporate branding, and advertising happen online, the value of a short premium one word domain is increasing everyday. One of the most satisfying parts of being a domain broker is helping match the perfect owner with their perfect domain - the one domain that really puts the stamp on their mark and credibility.  Selling Wasserman .com to Casey Wasserman and TeamWass was one of those satisfying moments.  

TeamWass is a sports agency led by Casey Wasserman - an entertainment and sports agency executive with deep family roots in Los Angeles.  In fact, he is also President of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee for Summer Olympics 2028.  Casey's sports agency has used the domain TeamWass .com and had unsuccessfully tried to acquire Wasserman .com before 2010 from the long time domain owner who has used it for his accounting firm for over 20 years.  Fast forward 13 years and that's when Grit comes into the equation.  The owner of Wasserman .com hired Grit Brokerage to liquidate his long term asset, but he needed the funds from the sale within a few short week’s time.  It was time to get to work fast.

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