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Here is a tracker for Friday, May 12th.  We will look to start at 5 am est:

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Do you want to impact the life of a local child by gifting the chance to attend Grit Camp for an entire week, receive a tax donation, and also be part of an epic adventure?  If so, then keep reading!

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WHAT - Grit Camp is back for a 4th summer of helping young people build mental, physical, and emotional resilience. Since our inception in 2020, Grit Camp has hosted nearly 1000 kids to help prepare them for their future in the classroom, on the court, and within our community. In 2021, Grit Camp started a financial assistance program to ensure that all young people have a safe and enriching environment during the summer months. After raising over $20,000 and sponsoring nearly 100 weeks of camp, heading into summer 2023 we want to expand our mission like never before through the Cycle of Grit - a 100 mile bike ride completed by our team to help raise funds for underprivileged kids to attend Grit Camp. Cycle of Grit is intended to fulfill our purpose while inspiring other people to challenge themselves and Build More Grit in their own life. Currently, we have made agreements with several local organizations and schools (including Sanctuary on 8th St and local public schools) and already have over 50+ local kids looking for someone to sponsor them to come to Grit Camp - now we just need you!



WHY - Our purpose is to help young people Build More Grit. The summer months are exciting for some but for others, it can be the toughest 3 months of the year. We are focused on helping enrich the lives of these young people when they need it most. We recognized a need for a safe and enjoyable environment for all people and wanted to make it possible for every child to have the opportunity to attend our camp. Since starting our financial assistance program, we have sent nearly 100 kids to our camp at little to no cost to the family. By cultivating deep connections with our counselors and learning about the power of leading a life based on principles, we can play a positive role in the development of our future world leaders.

HOW - On May 12, 2023, Colby Harris will be cycling from Jacksonville to Fernandina Beach and back with a goal to ride 100 miles in a day. We are seeking sponsors on a pay per mile basis, capping out at 100 total miles.



  • Bronze sponsors have a cap at $300 ($3/ mile) which pays for one child to attend camp. Sponsors will be included in advertisements and a press release through (but can opt-out if they wish to remain anonymous). When you sponsor a child to attend Grit Camp, the camper receives a no-cost week of camp including 30 hours of enrichment at one of the best camps in town as well as their merchandise, lunch, and snacks for the week. Sponsors that want to use a tax-deductible gift, please contact us direct and you can send a check made out to a 501(c)3 organization.


  • Silver sponsors have a cap at $1,500 ($15/mile) and will sponsor 5 kids to come to camp. Silver sponsors receive all of the benefits of a Bronze sponsor and also receive an opportunity to speak at camp as well as an advertising spot on the cycling gear or bike day performance.


  • Gold sponsors have a cap at $5,000 ($50/mile) and sponsor 16 kids to attend camp. Gold sponsors receive all of the benefits of Silver and Bronze as well as an opportunity to go on the Podcast for a 1 hour interview to discuss their brand or business (the Podcast receives roughly 120k views every 90 days). Gold sponsors will also receive 4 complimentary weeks of camp to be given to valued employees or friends.

Interested in donating and want a tax deduction?  Great!  Email: to see which 501(c)3 to make the check out to

Want to give anonymously?  Great!  Please click on our Go Fund Me link below:

GOAL - Our goal is to raise $60,000 and offer over 200 free weeks of camp to underprivileged kids of Jacksonville. When a child visits Grit Camp, everyone can know they are learning impactful principles to lead their life by getting active and cultivating relationships with our counselors and guest speakers.

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