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Episode # 22 - Now Live!

 Nathan Bourne comes from humble beginnings that he has used to his advantage over the last three decades. After barely knowing how to read and write by middle school, Nathan hustled his way to the top academically and athletically. By senior year, he had multiple ivy league scholarship offers and was one of the best wrestlers in the nation. After landing at Penn State, Nathan continued his athletic career but knew entrepreneurship was the path for him. After starting multiple businesses, he launched MyCore in 2017. MyCore is a all in one, not all or nothing, software designed to simplify bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, benefits, and HR. In this episode we discuss his story from sports to growing a company with over 50 employees.

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Episode # 1

The What, Why, How, and Who behind - An interview with Founder Brian Harbin

Check Out Episode 1 Here

Episode # 2

The first 'product' of, Colby Harris, shares his journey from Grit University intern and Grit Camp counselor to his current role as a Associate.  Watch his 2 min preview video here.

Check Out Episode 2 Here

Episode # 3

Sean Poynter talks about life lessons from his journey through surfing, living in the Volcom house, and then becoming a Stand Up Paddleboard World Champion.  Watch his 2 min preview video here.

Check Out Episode 3 Here

Episode # 4

We interview a current Division I baseball player Aidan Sweatt and discuss the principles he has learned through his journey in life and baseball.  Watch his 5 min preview video here.

Check Out Episode 4 Here

Episode # 5

The story of 4 Veterans that paddled across the Atlantic to raise money for Veteran suicide. Hear their remarkable story including the journey and the purpose behind the 51 day journey that has raised nearly $1m.  Watch their 7 min preview video here.

Check Out Episode 5 Here

Episode # 6

Missy shares how effort, attitude, and a passion for helping people has helped her enjoy the journey. From getting married at 15, working in and taking over a family business, and to now building an incredible real estate brokerage.  Watch her 7 min preview video here.

Check Out Episode 6 Here

Episode # 7

We interview Dr. Saman Soleymani to unpack his journey immigrating from Iran, being a college student at 15, becoming a doctor, and now running one of the largest medical clinics in Jacksonville (Avecina Medical).  Watch his 8 min preview video here.

Check Out Episode 7 Here

Episode # 8

We interview Conner Furu, a former D1 Football player that underwent 7 injuries over the course of his career. His story of grit and persistence in the face of adversity is incredibly inspirational.  Check out his podcast preview here.

Check Out Episode 8 Here

Episode # 9

We interview our two Grit University interns of 2022 to discuss their journey of working with us during the summer of 2022 by helping run Grit Camp. To hear from two more 'products' of  Check out their 2 minute preview video here.

Check Out Episode 9 Here

Episode # 10

We interview Adam Silva, a former D1 lacrosse player at West Point. He's an Army Veteran who coaches high school lacrosse at Bolles and works in player development for the JU lacrosse team. His mission in life revolves around 3 simple principles which guide him as a coach, a father of 3 children (2 of which are college lacrosse players), and as a business consultant. Check out his 2 minute preview video here.

Check out Episode 10 here.

Episode # 11

Jason Babin joins us on Episode 11 of the Podcast! From being a first round draft pick, to creating a full service real estate company, to raising his sons, Jason shares his story of sports, business, and grit.  Watch his 2 min preview video here.

Check out Episode 11 here.

Episode # 12

Poe Pinson is a world class skater at just 17 years old. In the last few years she has become a X-Games bronze medalist, team USA member, and just finished 4th on the world at the SLS Rio Women's Super Crown Final. Like, comment, and share with someone you think would enjoy Poe's story!  Watch her 1 min preview video here.

Check out Episode 12 here.

Episode # 13

Jason Watson runs Watson Martial Arts in Jacksonville, FL. Jason has coached over 100 national champions and has personally won 10 state championships, 10 national championships, and is a 2 time US cup champion. He joins in the studio to discuss all things martial arts, business, and the grit it requires to succeed.

Check out Episode 13 here.

Episode # 14

Liam O'Regan is the definition of an athlete. He was a standout surfer, hockey player, and baseball player through high school. Liam went on to play D-1 baseball at Elon University before getting his masters at Lynn University. He then launched a fitness coaching program as well as a fitness apparel and supplements brand - FortySteps. Enjoy his full story from athlete to entrepreneur!

Check out episode 14 here.

Episode # 15

Garrett Scantling was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. After starting track and field in middle school, Garrett pursued a collegiate career at the University of Georgia. From there he placed 4th in the decathlon in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, tried out for the Atlanta Falcons, and even became a financial planner. That was until he realized what he left out on the track and his burning desire brought him back. Hear Garretts story of growth, grit, and a 2021 4th place Olympic finish here on the Podcast!

Check out episode 15 here.

Episode # 16

Corey Howell grew up a stand out surfer on the East Coast. As he continued his surfing career, he found a passion for fitness and helping others. While winning a collegiate surfing national championship, Corey made his way towards becoming a Chiropractor. Once graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, he opened up his own practice in his hometown of Melbourne Beach. His holistic approach to health has impacted hundreds of lives. Enjoy this episode telling his story from athlete and coach, to doctor and entrepreneur!

Check out episode 16 here.

Episode # 17

 Dillon Basse is the lead singer of emerging band FlipTurn. His passion for music started at just four years old. After forming the band in high school, their group has now gone on to make multiple albums and travel all across the U.S. playing shows. At the end of 2022, FlipTurn had reached over 30 million streams on Spotify and played hundreds of live shows. Enjoy Dillon's full story of passion, growth, and musical expertise.

Check out episode 17 here.

Episode # 18

 Jerry Rodriguez grew up playing sports with a passion for music. After playing many shows through college and beyond, Jerry decided to pivot into the business world. In this episode he highlights his experiences from starting a clothing brand, to launching a manufacturing facility, to now expanding a real estate business. Hear Jerry's full story of growth and grit right here on the Podcast!

Episode # 19

 In this episode, Colby Harris interviews Brian Harbin about Grit Brokerage - the domain brokerage firm he started that is the financial catalyst for what has helped fuel since its inception. Grit Brokerage was recently awarded the 2022 Masters of Domains award for being one of the top 10 grossing brokerages in the world. We answer some of the common questions about domains, how the process works, and unpack some of the types of domain sales Grit Brokerage has recently made. Be sure to tune in and let us know any of your questions in the comments!

Episode # 20

 Arrelious Benn was a natural athlete from a young age. Growing up in Washington D.C. Arrelious always saw football as his way to out grow his hometown. He went on to University of Illinois on a full ride football scholarship before being drafted in the 2010 NFL draft. After spending 8 seasons in the NFL with teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Jacksonville Jaguars - Arrelious retired in his final destination of Jacksonville, Florida. In this episode we highlight Arrelious's story from his football career, to his personal finance initiatives, and more recently the opening of his coffee shop "Social House".

Episode # 21

 In this episode we interview Roberto Bolona. Roberto immigrated to the US in 2003 and has spent the last 20 years in South Florida. He attended FIU and has gone on to work in various businesses. He has most recently been developing luxury real estate throughout South Florida - his homes start at $10M and are 10,000+ square feet! After talking about Robertos upbringing and assimilation into the US, we take a deep dive into his growth in real estate from residential, to commercial, to luxury development. We also discuss his best tips for networking and expanding your business.

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