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Grit Consultants

What is it?  A consultation business led by a dynamic team of young entrepreneurs. We are here to help you define, build, and expand your company's brand like never before. Our team has experience in all areas of digital branding and have grossed over 2 MILLION organic views!

Who are we?  By day we run a summer sports camp hosting 80+ kids weekly, and by night we run a consulting business. Leading the life of an entrepreneur, we pride ourselves on our unwavering grit and commitment to the customers needs. From developing social media strategies, to launching podcasts and more, Grit Consultants is here to help you resonate with your target audience across all social media platforms. 

What's next?  If you're ready to take your craft to new heights and dominate the social media landscape, partner with Grit Consultants. Let our team of young entrepreneurs guide you on the path to digital brand success!


Kevin, Christian, and Colby

Our  Offerings:


Consultation: Consultation for brand strategy, social media strategy, and the tools needed to start expanding your digital presence


Consultation with Execution: Launching pages, creating simple content, and executing on strategy FOR CLIENT, this a done for you option

Examples of our work:

Grit U video

Podcast example 


Camp Recap


Shorts Video

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