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What is Grit?  Why do I need it?

Simply put, grit is mental, physical, and emotional resilience.  It's defined as passion and perseverance towards long term goals.  It's not something you are born with, you don't learn it in a classroom, you don't inherit it, and a lot of times you don't even learn it from your parents.  You earn it by experiencing and doing hard things, sticking with it even when you want to quit, and pushing through to the other side to experience personal growth.  Have you ever had your most challenging moment right before your greatest victory?  That is what we call a 'grit building moment.'  We at think that we need to create more of those moments in our life in order to prepare us for the ones that matter most.  Whether you are 6 years old or 83, everyone needs grit, and more of it.  And the time to start building it is now!


Research shows that grit is one of the single largest qualities that determines whether or not someone will achieve success, however they choose to define it.  In addition to that, happiness is linked to your level of grit and knowing that you have what it takes to overcome any adversity that life may bring your way. 


Dozens of studies confirm that above IQ, talent, and nature vs. nurture that grit is still more important in achieving your goals.  We at love the studies on grit, but we believe that it's not what you know about grit but what you do with what you know about grit.  We believe it's a muscle.  It's a mental, physical, and emotional muscle that you need to workout every single day.  You never own grit, it's rented, and rent is due every day.  You might have had grit at certain points of your life or maybe you feel like you've never quite had the mental fortitude you are capable of achieving, but it takes the right habits, skills, and attitude to consistently make grit a part of your every day routine.  It's very hard to achieve grit alone and without proper guidance, and that's why we created the Grit family of companies.  Our goal is to provide an incubator of people in all walks of life that have the mental toughness to overcome whatever challenges they face on a daily basis:  school, athletics, entrepreneurship, retirement, fitness, relationships or anything that has meaning to you. 


We think our society could use more people that try harder and form the habit of never giving up, and we want to help you in the process so you can develop it and pass it on to someone else, especially to those you love. 


Check out each of our companies and find a way to get involved in our community and start your journey today! 

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