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Summer 2022 Grit Camp Impact


*  In 8 weeks, we put through 318 campers


*  3 Grit U interns that each made $6,250  

*  $14,941 raised through corporate and individual sponsorships offering 53 weeks of no-cost camp to local Jacksonville kids

*  15 high school counselors earned a total of $14,815 in summer income (6 of those counselors will be playing a sport in college)

*  15 junior counselors earned 790 combined service hours

*  11 incredible guest speakers ranging from local college and professional athletes and coaches including 2 national champions, an Olympic gold medalist, and one veteran that just rowed the Atlantic for 51 days to raise money for veterans

*  8 motivational movies watched including Rise, Dreamer, The Miracle Season, Blue Miracle, McFarland USA, and more

*  Over $20,000 paid to JU for food and facility

*  The incalculable impact of instilling the Grit Creed principles into the next generation


The Grit Creed - performed by Grit Campers

See more about the difference our interns made this summer (in the words of the campers)!

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