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Grit Camp Week 6 Update

We had an amazing final week of Grit Camp this week with 68 campers and 18 counselors (our biggest week so far). We played tons of sports, enjoyed a huge double waterslide on Thursday, got to meet and hear from an 8 year NFL veteran and former Jags player Pete Mitchell, and were inspired by the movies 'Little Giants' (for the younger group) and 'Miracle' (for the older group). We also wanted to recognize CSI for sponsoring 4 kids to attend camp this week.

Additionally, we had our counselor appreciation luncheon this week and gave out a few bonuses. Caroline Cavendish and Catherine Hunt received the 'Too much Grit to Quit' and a $150 bonus each for working every conceivable hour at Grit Camp around their very busy sports schedule. Caroline will be a senior in high school next year and playing Division I lacrosse in 2022. Catherine is a rising sophomore in high school and a rising superstar in basketball.

Shelby Morgan received the 'Above and Beyond' award and a $250 bonus for her initiative in doing things before we even asked and for always willing to jump in and help with any kids needing extra attention. Shelby, a rising junior in high school, runs her own summer camp for a week called 'Camp Shelby', has her own podcast, and spent a week on a service project with her youth group this summer.

Cameron Day and Christian Burfeind received the Senior Counselors in Training and a $500 bonus each for never missing a week of camp, being the first to arrive each day, and for being an incredible supporting cast to our Senior Counselors.

Scotty Froats and Mackenzie Flakus, our 2 Senior Counselors, received a $1,250 bonus each (making their total summer earnings $2,500 each in 6 weeks). In addition to running a group of 15-20 kids per week, they enhanced the campers experience with their boundless energy and positivity and each contributed to making our camp better in ways that only each of them could have done. We are very appreciative of their follow through and willingness to do whatever it took in order to pull off a great camp experience.

Colby Harris, our Grit University intern, will be having his banquet and check presentation this coming Thursday, so stay tuned for more on his experience.

Pictured below in order: Scotty and Mackenzie with Brian and Colby, Christian and Cameron, Shelby, Caroline, and the rest of our crew that came to our counselor appreciation luncheon. Campers from final week pictured with Pete Mitchell

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