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Grit Camp Week 7 update

We had an incredible week 7 at Grit Camp with 21 counselors and 33 campers for our 7th week at Jacksonville University. Seven of our counselors this week are college athletes, so we had some specific breakout sessions targeted at specific sport instruction. We enjoyed the Florida weather, played tons of sports and activities, completed the Grit Combine, were inspired by 'American Underdog' (a true story about NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner), and heard from Adam Silva - an inspirational college and high school lacrosse coach that played lacrosse at West Point and has two sons that did the same.

Our interns had an exciting week as well. In addition to their usual entrepreneurial duties in the afternoon, they trained for an organized basketball game on Friday morning at 5:30 am. The other team was comprised of all former collegiate basketball players, 2 that played European ball, and one of them was also a 2x National Champion basketball player at University of Florida. Some highlights of that game are in a video below. Enjoy!

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