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Welcome to our Blog Podcast Episode #22 with Nathan Bourne now live!

Our next podcast interview is now live! Nathan Bourne comes from humble beginnings that he has used to his advantage over the last three decades. After barely knowing how to read and write by middle school, Nathan hustled his way to the top academically and athletically. By senior year, he had multiple ivy league scholarship offers and was one of the best wrestlers in the nation. After landing at Penn State, Nathan continued his athletic career but knew entrepreneurship was the path for him. After starting multiple businesses, he launched MyCore in 2017. MyCore is a all in one, not all or nothing, software designed to simplify bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, benefits, and HR. In this episode we discuss his story from sports to growing a company with over 50 employees. Enjoy!

Link to the interview is below so be sure to check it out and let us know your favorite part of the interview.

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