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How To Create Success In Your Life - Educational Speech

It has been incredible to watch Colby evolve over the past few years and watch him grow from a high school graduate and first year intern at Grit University to now a business professional. He's now helped run 3 years of Grit Camp, managed and led a couple Grit U interns, interviewed 15 guests for the podcast, provided our video editing and promotion, and now spoken in front of multiple audiences. I have really enjoyed getting to work super closely with him in our weekly brainstorming and implementation sessions on how to grow Grit, coaching with him in various sports, and together figuring out how to positively impact as many people as possible. One of the biggest parts of what we do is passing on our passion for our beliefs to others, and the attached clip is a perfect example of Colby pouring back in to a group of high school students at his alma mater. The wealth of knowledge he has garnered outside of the classroom can truly help young people find more direction and purpose in their life.

In this video he talks about his own blueprint of success and some of the key principles and habits that he believes can really help these young people find their own passion and purpose. Check out his video below and be sure to comment on your favorite part or share with anyone you think it would be useful. Have an amazing Thanksgiving week!

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