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25 Years to Life

The title of this blog isn't about a prison sentence but rather a group of guys that have been friends for 25 years (and counting).  As teenagers at The University of Georgia that met through our fraternity, we've been roommates, classmates, wingmen, friends, best friends, groomsmen, and fun uncles.  In addition to frequent activities and our long standing group chat, our group of 20+ guys do an annual trip each year to hang out. 

A couple signs this year that we are progressing in our maturation was our second annual wine tasting.  We've graduated from Coors Light to Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, ha.  Additionally, this year we went to a brewery for a few hours and had super early dinner reservations at 5 pm at a local restaurant.  But instead of joining the blue hairs during their dining experience at that time, we called ahead to move our reservation up to 4:30!  However, halfway on our quest to the restaurant we discovered we accidentally left one of our guys at the brewery so one of the cars had to go back to pick him up.  Just when we think we are distinguished, life has a funny way of reminding us we are still a bit degenerate!

Life can get more serious as you get older but being around these guys is 'good for the soul' as my wife says.  We've graduated from chasing girls and money to chasing connection and meaning.  Every year we hang out, we drink too much and eat too much and laugh until our stomachs hurt, but it's an interesting form of therapy where you can open up about some of the challenges life has put in front of you, but do it in a safe environment with people that have known you for decades.  

I encourage each of you to reach out to an 'old friend' - that someone that has known you the longest and it's always good to hear their voice and laugh at a familiar inside joke.  It will be good for your soul!

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