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3 Ingredients to Unlock Your Potential

Recently, Jen and I had a chance to speak to a couple hundred hard working college students. These motivated young people work in the same 150 year old internship program that Jen and I worked at in college, so it was a great opportunity for us to be able to reflect back and share with them some of our key takeaways from that experience. Jen and I are now 17 years removed from that internship yet many of the life and success principles we started learning and practicing at that time are still a large part of our life.

In the speech, I share 3 ingredients to help unlock your potential as well as various topics including:

  • an email I received at a computer lab in Brussels, Belgium that forced me to make a life-changing decision

  • how I had to track down a college student (before the days when everyone had a cellphone) in order to achieve one of the highest goals I had ever set for myself

  • a simple mindset habit that helped me broker one of the highest domain sales of all time

  • how wisdom from a pie baker helped me find my larger purpose in life

  • giving away hundreds of dollars in cash to members of the audience based on their goals

Be sure to stay tuned for next week when we will be sending out Colby's recent speech to a group of high school students. Have a great week!

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