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All the Things

Jen and I have an expression we use with each other "all the things".  Whenever we have a super busy day or week ahead and I ask her what we have going on, she replies "all the things."  Between school functions and sports and work and camp and life and all the logistics, it's her way of letting me know in a light-hearted and funny way to embrace the crazy and forge ahead.  But amongst 'all the things' going on, there are moments that really feel extra special.

Yesterday we had a jam-packed day with 4 hours at the football field in the morning, a quick lunch and stop home to change clothes, and then we had a Grit Camp booth set up at the Riverside 1 mile and 5k Run at 1:30.  At 3 pm, Charles ran the 1 mile 'fun run' and then Max, Stone, Colby, and I each ran the 5k.  This was also Max's first time running a 5k which we were super excited about.  Having been a runner in high school and consistently running every week for the past 2 decades, I have always believed running a 5k was the perfect length for a race.  Anything less doesn't quite test endurance enough and the longer races require too much time and training and wear and tear on the body (to consistently do over time).  With running a 5k, you get about 1 minute into the race and your body is already begging you to stop, but yet you continue on for another 20-30 minutes.  It's also a great way to test your current mental resolve as it takes everything you have.  So for me personally, I like to run at least two or three 5k races each year as a check-in to see if I'm staying in good enough shape throughout the year and also as a test to my mental resolve.  This race was going to be even sweeter getting to run alongside Stone, Max, and Colby as well.

The first mile I went way too fast, and I knew the 2nd mile was going to be a doozy.  Stone had already passed me and I knew Max and Colby weren't far behind.  Not only was my body already dead, but I knew I had a long way to go.  Luckily, Jen was at the water station at mile 1.5 so seeing her gave me an extra boost.  There is a certain sequence of songs I listen to during a race, but my music wasn't doing it for me yesterday and almost started to annoy me as I wanted to change songs but didn't want to get distracted.  In the final mile, my mind virtually blacked out and just became all about pushing through.  There are few better feelings that getting to the finish line at the end of a race!

When it was all said and done and the results came out, each Stone, Max, Colby and I all finished in 2nd place in each of our respective age categories.  It wasn't our goal or even on our radar for that to happen, but it was an amazing experience for each of us to run our best race for where we each were at that time.

Amongst 'all the things' we have going on this week, I encourage each of us to find something that can push us to our limit either physically or mentally. Even better, find someone to do it along with you as it makes the finish line even sweeter.  Have a great week!

Pictured below from left to right (Stone, Colby, Me, Max) 

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