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Cycle of Grit in the News!

This past week, Colby was featured on a local news station talking about the Cycle of Grit. This coming Friday, May 12th, Colby will be biking from our Grit HQ in Jacksonville to Fernandina Beach and back. It's a 100 mile ride intended to raise awareness and funds in order to send underserved kids to Grit Camp. We have partnered with several organizations and already have dozens of kids interested in attending camp, and Colby took initiative to help raise those funds quicker and faster this year. With already over $17,000 in committed funds, Colby has been training for months to prepare for this very physical endeavor. Kevin and I will be riding behind him in my Jeep for the whole trip so we will have plenty of video to show. We will look to leave HQ very early Friday morning, and we have a tracker that can show our progress throughout the day. We will have the link to follow at later this week. Also, if you are so inclined, we also have a GoFundMe account on that page where you can donate, or if you want to be a larger sponsor and/or write the funds to a non-profit for the tax credit, then we can do that as well.

Stay tuned, and we look forward to keeping you posted on the trek!

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