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Finding and Following Your Purpose

Whether you have found your purpose in life, actively seeking it, or really never given it much thought, there are a few simple questions that can either help point you in the right direction or help stay the course. In Joseph Campbell's 'The Power of Myth', he says that we are not looking for the meaning of life as much as we are looking for the experience of being alive. So here a couple questions we can ask ourselves that help keep us pointed in the right direction of fulfilling our purpose:

Where do my gifts and passions overlap?

Finding the intersections of where our skills, gifts, talents, and resources overlap with our interests and passions is usually a great place to start. In Campbell's book, he coins the phrase 'follow your bliss.' He says to pay attention to the moments when you are lit up and time flies by. It is usually when you are in that space of joyful expression and likely overlaps with some type of service you are providing. It provides you that sense of connection of others. You likely start to ask yourself not 'what can I have?', but rather 'what can I give?' Ask your friends and family when you come most alive and that can be a great start.

Who can I help?

As humans, we yearn for the human connection and personal relationships. Almost anything that ignites our purpose will likely be focused on a certain type of person. That is your avatar to build around. Create a picture of who that person is, their age, their struggle, and how you can service them based on where your time, talents, and passion overlap. Name your avatar and create a clearer picture of the type of person you want to impart your impact and build your purpose around serving that person and people like them.

This week I was reminded of how when you are aligned with your passion and purpose how life will reward you in ways you don't expect. I've had a rental house on the market for about 5 months, and we've been under contract 5 times. It's been on the market only a few days in between, but due to financial issues the buyers have fallen through each time (we were under contract 3 times with one specific buyer). My agent decided she no longer wanted to represent the house, but upon reviewing the offer from the previous buyer, they were represented by Cady Realty - a firm that Colby had cold called on during the summer and they graciously donated money for two campers to attend Grit Camp. Out of almost 9,000 licensed realtors in Jacksonville, I thought that was a sign for them to be my next agent. I met the agency owner of Cady Realty, Missy, at the house the next day and she will be representing me moving forward. After getting to speak with her further, I truly understand her passion for people and giving back, and I love how our paths crossed with this property and how her firm will benefit once they sell it for me. By putting good things out and having a heart for helping others, Missy unintentionally had it returned to her in a way she didn't expect.

I encourage you to reflect regularly on your purpose to find ways to give in ways that are unique to you. Have a great week!

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