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Finding Inspiration

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Lack of motivation can be a real energy drainer. No matter how good your habits, your routine, your self talk, or anything else you do to have consistent energy, it's nearly impossible to be upbeat, positive, and motivated at all times. One of the ways we can help ourselves in these situations is to find inspiration. Luckily, inspiration is all around us and sometimes we just have to look outside ourselves in order to re-discover our passion and energy.

Two weeks ago, my middle son played his first soccer game ever. He played half the game as goalie and had some incredible saves and then switched to forward and had his first goal ever. What inspires me about watching him play is his tenacity. He isn't necessarily the fastest or most skilled ball handler, but what he lacks in ability or skill he makes up for in effort. Watching him play 'all out' inspires me in ways that surprise me. In whatever down moment I might have either mid workout, mid week after a business deal falls through, or some other temporary setback, it amazes me how remembering him in those moments gives me the extra kick I need to re-focus and get my attitude back on track.

Similarly, my oldest son has found his stride through running. He is in his second season of cross country and has worked hard the past year through working out, running track, doing the summer workouts with the team, and going on night runs. He has taken initiative and really made an effort to get faster. Last week, in his first race of the season, he shaved 1 minute off of his personal best time and placed 4th in a race of about 80 kids. Watching his progression has been an inspiration to watch because it has all been based on his effort. Running is one of the toughest individual sports, and what I appreciate about running is that it is really just you vs. you. It's about combating the voice in your head and to keep going even when your body is begging you to stop, and the mental toughness he is developing will be extremely valuable as he progresses through life. Whenever I might question whether or not I should persist, I can think about Stone and know that hard work and dedication will pay off.

Not all inspiration has to come through sports or our kids, but we can find it anywhere as long as we keep our eyes and ears open. I think about the Honeycutts - a nice retired couple that live up the street next to a duck pond. They have a public picnic table set up in their yard for people to come and sit and enjoy the scenery from their yard, a brick wall will toys sitting on top for kids to come and play with, and if Mr. Honeycutt sees you out at the pond looking at the ducks, then he will bring out some lettuce for you to give the ducks. I saw Mrs. Honeycutt this morning, and she told me to bring the boys by the house to come pick out a truck for each of them to have. I very much appreciate how the Honeycutts are a great example of giving inspiration to anyone and everyone around them.

Who has inspired you recently? What did they do that inspired you? And how can you take some of that inspiration and help share it with others? I encourage each of us this week to LOOK for inspiration, use it, and spread it in any way that we can.

Have a great week!

Pictured top left: Stone finishing strong in his race

Pictured top right: Charles with a truck from the Honeycutts

Middle Video: Max (goalie for the black team making a diving save)

Bottom Video (Bonus): Max hitting the buzzer beater in basketball. Game was tied 18-18 with 4 seconds left...then that happened

Stone placed 12th in a field of 139 runners; Max placed 8th in a field of 128 with 5:49 pace

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