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Grit Brokerage welcomes Sabrina to the team!

2020 was an interesting year for a lot of businesses and industries. Grit Brokerage, the domain brokerage company part of the family, specializes in helping clients acquire or divest premium domain names and websites. Grit Brokerage has consistently been one of the top brokerage firms in the world, and 2020 was another excellent year where we closed nearly 300 domain/website transactions. We believe the growth of this particular industry was magnified in 2020 since many global companies realized the necessity of having the ability to continue to market and sell their product or service online. And every online business has a much more significant 'store front' with a premium domain name.

Some of the domains we brokered (and sold) for our clients included,,,,, and which all sold for well into 6 figures. Our clients have typically owned the domain we are selling for them for many years and have reached a point where they want to sell the asset. So as their broker, we research and contact companies that could use the domain as an upgrade compared to their current one and have the funds to afford the price. We then track down the decision makers, educate them on the value of domains, and negotiate a sale. We also have a monthly newsletter that goes out to over 8,000 domain buyers and brokers that help advertise our listings. We also strive to stay well-connected in the domain industry by attending domain conferences, guest speak on podcasts and domain shows, and have a monthly blog to help educate domain buyers and sellers.

At the start of this year, Grit Brokerage brought on Sabrina Laureola, a virtual assistant in the Phillipines that will help with many aspects of the business including research, customer service, helping manage one of our online businesses -, and many other responsibilities.

Michael Law spearheaded the interview process and is helping train her for the position. He said, "In hiring a virtual assistant, Sabrina was the standout candidate after our interviews for several reasons - she was very well spoken, polite, punctual and exuded a positive attitude. When we asked about the best assets she could bring to our company, her response was that she is a team player, loyal employee and quick learner. Beyond the various administrative and technical skills Sabrina possesses, team work, loyalty and willingness to learn are key traits we look for in someone looking to join our team.

Since coming on board and starting her work with us, in a short time, Sabrina is already proving that she is indeed a quick learner and team player. So far, we are impressed with her communication skills, work ethic and how quickly she has been able to jump in and contribute. In our most recent training session, Sabrina mentioned that she is enjoying learning about the industries that are completely new to her. We feel grateful to have found a team member that not only has a great skill set but also shares many of the core values we find important here at Grit."

Her first task was to complete the Enneagram, so we look forward to helping learn how to work with her most effectively based on her personality type. Welcome aboard Sabrina, and welcome to the Grit family!

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