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Grit Camp Week 2 - June 5th, 2023

We had a great 2nd week of Grit Camp the week of June 5th and hosted 69 campers along with our counselor staff of 21 high school and college age counselors. We hosted 13 kids from Sanctuary on 8th street along with 7 other local kids that attended on scholarship. Our movie theme for the week was 'Little Giants' and had a chance to hear from Aiden Sweatt - a rising Junior baseball player at UNF. He was also one of our first podcast guests and is very likely to get drafted this year to play professional baseball, so we are excited to where his future takes him!

Grit University also had a successful week when Kevin was able to secure a $5,000 donation from a local business owner who he originally met by delivering his son's waterbottle and tshirt for camp. Christian also first secured his first sale at a local business. The level of conviction these guys have in helping convey the value camp provides to our local youth has really helped them secure more funding for the scholarship program. The interns also had their first paid meeting with Grit Consultants and will be continuing to ramp up that business over the next few weeks.

Be sure to check out our video re-cap from this past week of camp, and stay tuned for more updates from Grit Camp! I also added a couple other videos from the week below including the kids chanting for Aiden before his speech, campers reciting "New Day" poem, and campers reciting the Grit Creed.

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