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Grit Camp Week 4 and Podcast Episodes23, 24, and 25

We had a great week 4 of Grit Camp the week of June 19th and hosted 63 campers along with our counselor staff of 23 high school and college age counselors. We had 7 of those campers that attended on scholarship. Our movie theme for the week was 'The Gameplan' and had a chance to hear from Coach Zane Guile - a 33 year Navy veteran and head coach of the back-to-back state champion Ponte Vedra track and field high school team.

Grit University also had a successful week raising additional sponsorship funds and started working more on Grit Consultants - the consulting business they started from scratch this summer - where they had their first paid consulting meeting. Be sure to check out to see more about what the business entails.

Be sure to check out our video re-cap from this past week of camp as well as the past 3 episodes of our podcast including:

Episode 23 with Bob Warren - a very successful commercial real estate broker here in Jacksonville that Colby and I have had a chance to get to know through our local Toastmasters group

Episode 24 with the Grit Brokerage team - Michael, Maureen, and I discuss more about Grit Brokerage and some recent domain sales we completed and share the extent to which some deals require our perserverance!

Episode 25 with Vick Tipnes - Colby traveled to Tampa for this episode and met with the CEO and Founder of Blackstone Medical and host of the largest conference in Florida this year 'RiseCon'

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