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Welcome to our Blog Podcast #37 with Grit Brokerage now live!

In this episode we sit back down with the Grit Brokerage team to discuss stories and strategies for closing deals, how to plan for a great 2024, and dive into the current state of the domain industry. Grit will be a requirement for success in 2024, therefore we hope you will continue to listen to our show and best prepare yourself for any adversity in the way.

Here are some highlights from the episode:

Minute 1:36 - Maureen talks about how a Kevin O'Leary quote helped her get a reply on

11:06 - Maureen advises a client on buying

17:13 - Brian shares 3 goal planning mentalities to have in 2024

19:02 - Brian breaks down the acronym "Integrity" in regards to your goals

28:38 - Michael shares his domain investing journey

40:57 - Michael discusses his advice on domain investing

Be sure to visit for all your domain needs and put any questions or feedback into the comments. Enjoy!

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