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Welcome to our Blog Podcast Episode #32 with the 'Worlds' Most Interesting Man'

In this episode Colby sits down with who he calls 'the most interesting man in the world'. Colby says out of a life time of conversations, Gary is the most interesting person he has ever had the pleasure of knowing. He was raised in the United Kingdom, where as a young man he joined the Royal Navy. He soon after entered the SBS (Special Boat Service) where he died twice, went on hundreds of deployments, and traveled all across the world. After nearly two decades in the military, he took his skills to television production, working with shows like Top Gear and even hosting his own National Geographic series for a period of time. Gary ran security for celebrities like Beyonce and travelled with Anthony Bourdain, but also lost it all at one point and found himself working for a lawn care company. Now having spent almost 18 years in the production industry, he most recently has been traveling the world with Gordon Ramsey shooting his series "Unchartered". In this episode Gary shares stories from all of his adventures while offering advice for other people on how they can lead a life of excitement, fulfillment, and enjoyment. Enjoy!

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