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Welcome to our Blog Podcast Episode 6 Preview: Missy Cady-Kampmeyer

Our next episode of the Podcast drops in a few days, so today, we wanted to give you a preview of Missy and a background on her story. Colby met Missy almost a year ago when he cold called on her real estate office when he was selling corporate sponsorships for Grit Camp. Missy sponsored a few kids for week last summer, and the relationship was born.

A few months later, I had a chance to meet Missy and she became my real estate agent on a rental property I was selling. We had 3 contracts that had fallen through already for various reasons, but Missy was up for the task. She staged the house, increased the price, and we got a full-price offer within a couple weeks. Despite a few hiccups during the VA inspection process, she persisted in getting it closed for us.

The more we heard of her story and got to see and experience her passion for making a difference, we knew she was a great representation of what we look for in guests for the podcast. In the period from last year to now, she got the attention of a huge corporation and sold her real estate brokerage to Compass and now operates under their corporate umbrella. Be sure to check out her episode that will be released June 1 to hear of her entire journey that will inspire you, bring you to tears at times, and fuel you with her perspective, passion, and outlook.

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