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Welcome to our Blog Podcast Preview - Aiden Sweatt

We are only days away from our next podcast interview being released on April 1. This month's episode is from a young man in the trenches of following his passion of playing baseball. Currently a sophomore at UNF here in Jacksonville, Aiden is also a long time friend of Colby Harris.

Aiden will discuss some the principles and mindset that have helped him get to this point of being a collegiate athlete, and regardless of your age or interest in baseball, you will be able to learn and apply some of these in your own life.

Amazingly, only a couple weeks after shooting the interview, Aiden gets up to bat in the bottom of the 9th inning in a 1-1 game against in-state rival USF (in Tampa) and hits a walk-off homerun! Watch the below video and see the hit along with a clip from his post-game interview.

Check out the preview before for our April 1st podcast with Aiden Sweatt

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