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Welcome to our Blog Podcast Preview - Episode 5: FOAR from Home

Check out our 7 minute preview of our May 1 podcast episode with some back story on the 4 veterans that paddled across the Atlantic for 51 days. These 4 veterans (one from each branch of the military) had to prepare their minds and bodies for an adventure of a lifetime - paddling for 2 hours and resting for 2 hours 2 people at a time for over 3,000 miles. The higher purpose was to raise money for veteran suicide and to date have raised almost $1 million, most of which was done locally in their small town island of Fernandina Beach.

Colby and I also get on board the boat, experience the rowing, and crawl inside the 'dumpster' - the cavity that 2 grown men had to share as their sleeping cavity. These men are the real deal, and we have really enjoyed getting to know them and understand their passion and purpose to make a difference.

Check out the quick video below and be sure to tune in on May 1: or

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