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Grit University Intern article: "A summer of growth: The Grit University Story"

By Jack Foster

Our Grit University interns are just over halfway through their internship this summer, so we've asked them each to write about their experience up to this point. Last week we heard from Kevin Butler, but today we hear Jack Foster's perspective on his summer experience so far. Enjoy!

Building more life and success principles is not something that many employers offer their newcomers. Let alone the opportunity to instill those same ideas into people younger than them. I have been able to do both at Grit University, while simultaneously receiving real world knowledge regarding the world of entrepreneurship. These are not miracles however, in order to reap these seemingly limitless rewards, a Grit University intern must be fully prepared to exert maximum effort at all times. This ideology is what lured me to this program initially, as I desired more than the typical internship had to offer. In fact, the most valuable part of the entire experience is that I genuinely feel my opinions are valued. Each and every idea that a Grit Intern has, is listened to fully and even implemented when appropriate. I have been able to reach new personal heights throughout this summer and these heights can be attributed to the belief that this program has shown in me.

The first important aspect of this program is also the one that initially piqued my interest. The physical habits. A full body and mind program is something that I felt I could benefit from after a particularly difficult sophomore year of college. It seemed that a change in habits would do me some good. This program did not leave a single aspect of my day-to-day life unchanged. Furthermore, it is safe to say that each change resulted in improvement. Waking up at 5:30 for a workout each morning, is something that has had a positive impact on both my mood and my motor. I have felt more confident, capable, and attentive as a result of starting the day this way. Coupling this morning with a full day of physical activities at camp I feel that this experience has made me a healthier person. This health is not something that every internship can offer, and its presence is one of the many unique features embedded in Grit University. Mental resilience is something that Grit University continuously builds. That is an underrated part of the Grit Creed that takes center stage throughout our lives as members of Grit University. Dealing with adversity of the mind is something that each and every person needs to be able to do in order to properly function in the modern world. For our purposes that adversity has come in many forms. Including, providing instructions and discipline to campers each day, facing rejection from our own friends and family while trying to sell sponsorships and even having to rework our entire sleep schedule. These challenges are examples of the trials that the Grit program has put us through in order to prepare us for what lies ahead in the real world. The idea of overcoming mental adversity is something that is not included in the curriculum of most internships, and I have been pleasantly surprised with how important in our work. I think that mastering both life and business principles is an incredibly unique opportunity, and I can safely say that I am beginning to see the benefits of this acquired knowledge.

When left unchecked, emotion can derail any serious activity. The ability to manage every potential emotional response is key to achieving balance in all aspects of life. My experience at Grit University has not only increased my awareness of this concept, but it has also helped me improve my emotional responses. This is something that I have struggled with in the past. Emotion tended to overstay its welcome in my head and that has led to multiple undesirable outcomes for me. The ability for me to regulate my emotions is something that Grit University has continuously helped me improve. There have been plenty of situations where I would have loved to burst out in a fit of rage or sadness but the support system around me has kept me from those actions. At the same time, I have not been suppressing these emotions. The method in which I have been able to express my distaste with any given situation has greatly improved since my first week. This growth is something I did not anticipate when signing up, but I am very grateful for its existence. I did not expect to grow as a person during this experience and I am extremely pleased to report that I have.

As I stated earlier, there have been many trials and tribulations along the way. The biggest of which has to be adopting the Grit Lifestyle. This was difficult at first, but the positives of living in such a way have done wonders for me in all aspects of life. It may seem easy to compare your actions to those of others, but the Grit way of life makes that comparison irrelevant because one always knows that they are fulfilling their full potential. I have never felt more self-actualized or secure then I do living this way and the number of positive outcomes that I have experienced while doing so would require a separate article to fully explain. Humans all have an equal ability to grow, at Grit University has helped me realize that the only limits I have are ones that I have built in my own head. I can truthfully say that I am looking forward to what’s to come.

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