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Happy Holidays and New Year from Team Harbin

I hope everyone has had a Happy Holiday and New Years!  We had an exciting year in the Harbin household, and I can report that we have 2 new additions to the family since Christmas Day - Joe and Bob - our two new guinea pigs that Santa brought Charles (and he immediately named them Joe and Bob the moment he saw them).  They are both boys and Joe is white with a couple grey spots and Bob is a little bit smaller than Joe and all black.  They enjoy parsley and hanging out in their man cave.

Charles has had a great year in 2nd grade and performing well in school with his reading and math.  He's played 2 seasons of flag football, soccer, and currently playing basketball.  He enjoys hanging out with the two neighbor boys and even though he specifically wanted a ferret from Santa, Santa was kind enough to compromise with two guinea pigs for him to take care of.

Max is continuing to excel in 5th grade and had big seasons in flag football and basketball and will be playing volleyball and flag football for his school teams this season.  He does a great job leading the younger crew of neighborhood boys and enjoys playing fortnight with his brothers.

Stone is now officially driving and enjoying the quasi freedom that brings.  He's really improved in his study habits and grades, and he stays busy year round between cross country, soccer, and lacrosse.  

This year Jen and I kicked off a major house renovation after we got back from our Spring Break cruise with the kids.  We have a few months left, and it has luckily gone very smooth so far but just a mountain of logistics and coordination with contractors, supplies, picking out finishes, and doing our part to help keep things moving along.  Jen continues to somehow manage all the logistics everyday and does an incredible job of giving each of us our own time with her (even all of the pets, ha).  We've enjoyed having some family time over the Holidays between going to the movies, a Jags game, an ice hockey game, and the zoo.

Have an amazing start to the year and come give us a visit anytime this year starting in March once the house is complete!

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