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Happy Holidays from the Harbins!

It's been a fun and exciting year at our house. Raising 3 active boys and managing our businesses creates a hectic schedule for Jen and I, but we try and make it more of a 'controlled chaos' and effort to have fun and enjoy the process along the way. Here are some of our highlights:

Stone (15) just got his learners permit and is figuring out life as a freshman in high school. He had a great season in track and cross country and was consistently finishing 2nd on the varsity cross country team. He had his best 5k time in Regionals with a 17:58 and helped lead the team in qualifying to go to the State Championship in Tallahassee. He is my assistant coach for Max's basketball team and will be playing lacrosse for his school this Spring. Stone and I enjoyed our trip to Park City this past spring for his first ski/snowboarding trip.

Max (10) is doing well in 4th grade and enjoying playing flag football, basketball, and is progressing closer to getting his black belt in taekwondo. He has been a great big brother to Charles and does a great job leading the younger kids in the neighborhood with their afternoon soccer and football games. Jen and I also had a great time taking him to Universal Studios this fall to celebrate him turning 10.

Charles (6) is progressing well in first grade and had some fantastic seasons in flag football. He is also moving along in taekwondo as well. He is the assistant to the assistant coach for Max's basketball team, and he does a really great job of making our pets feel special.

Daisy (2) joined a dog park club and has enjoyed being off-leash and running in the woods and swimming in the dog lake. She is still very high energy but she is getting better at learning how to harness it at times, sort of. Kamo (5) has enjoyed sleeping on our heads this year and tormenting the squirrels that run through our yard.

Jen has been her amazing self and continued to give freely of her time and talents. From running a bible study for 4th grade boys group, to volunteering at the church on wednesdays, to teaching a 1st grade sunday school class (with me as her assistant), to running the pumpkin patch at the church, to being an incredible Grit University mom over the summer, to helping run Grit Camp, to all the logistics of running our house, she does it with a smile on her face and a lot of energy.

We are looking forward to unplug in Jax and immerse ourselves at Disney for this week and then time with family in Fernandina the week after. Thank you all for your love and support and look forward to an amazing 2023!

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