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Hot Starts and Full Circle Moments

by: Kevin Butler (2nd year Grit University intern)

Business is booming! What can I say? I set three goals for the summer, to get back down to 240 pounds, raise $5,000 in the first half of the summer, and to finish 3 books. Coming into my second summer I was having moments of fear and imposter syndrome, but as soon as I stepped inside of our Grit headquarters, the focus and sheer indefatigability came right back to me. Within the first two weeks after revisiting sponsors from last year and meticulously prospecting, I had tripled my numbers from last year, easily crushing my goal with one phone call. In one day, I reeled in a $5,000 check with another $1,000 dollar promise at the end of the summer. Now with one goal done, it was time to focus on the development of Grit Consultants, as well as the reading and weight loss journey. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a 6 '5 former college football player. I've been a pretty big guy for a large part of my life, but last summer I got down to 245. After another year of revisiting bad habits, I gained quite a bit back, but now at the halfway point I have already lost 15 pounds!

With a newfound level of focus and reemerging confidence I diligently reflected on this summer and my young adult years to this point. It started with Brian handing me a book called Season of Life. Unknowingly, this book was foundational to my moral outlook on life. A mentor of mine used to give my high school football team speeches during our “character class” which at the time was very deep cutting. He talked about being a man built for others. The three principles that were imperative to being a man built for others were, having the capacity to give and receive love, having a code of conduct and committing yourself to a cause greater than self. He also talked about false masculinity, that being what people think being a man is about. Economic prowess, sexual conquest, and athletic performance are the key components of false masculinity. After finishing the book it hit me. One book changed my life and his. I sat back in awe thinking of how those speeches had affected me, and how reading it now made me realize how blessed I am to be able to pour into the youth the way he poured his wisdom on to me.

Working at has been an absolute blessing and I am very grateful for Brian, Jenn, their kids, Grit Camp and of course, Colby and Christian. It has been the most tribulating and fulfilling journey in my adult life thus far. From a man built for others, I love you all.

And to my wonderful girlfriend Paige, who moved across the state to work with me this summer, I love you too!

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