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Introducing the first Grit Brokerage Commercial

At Grit Brokerage, we take brokering domains seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously! We are the best because we give you over 3 decades of domain experience, personalized service (literally call or text anytime), AND our firm invests heavily in building Grit in young people through our parent company's summer entrepreneurship internship, sports camp, and podcast.

One of the projects of the Grit University interns this summer (through Grit Consultants) was to create a commercial for Grit Brokerage. A few months ago I heard the Ghostbusters song and thought it would be neat to use the lyrics and track to create a commercial for Grit Brokerage. We are known for being easy to contact and quick to reply, so the 'who you gonna call' was a great fit. I tasked the interns to work on it for us, and they did a great job. We also wanted to showcase that Grit Brokerage is 'more than a brokerage' by investing heavily into the youth of tomorrow through Grit University, Grit Camp, and the podcast.

Let us know what you think of the commercial in the comments or any ideas for future commercials. Enjoy!

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