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Judy's Journey 2020

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

by Judy - Grit Club member

When I retired in June of 2019, I wasn’t sure where the next chapter of my life would take me; however, I knew in my heart of hearts that if I wanted to fulfill any dreams of adventure the time was near. Six months before I was to retire I began looking into ideas that would give me an opportunity to be ‘out in nature’. In my early 20’s, I lived in the country and through the years thought I wanted to live that ‘quiet’ existence once again. I began looking at ‘Yurts’ and campers. The Yurt was a great way to return to nature for a period of time; however, it would be a permanent place. If I was in a towable camper, then I could be mobile. I had a deep yearning to see the countryside of the U.S. I had lived many years raising my children, and they are now grown and living their own lives. The thought was “I want to see this beautiful country of ours!

I found the perfect camper for me - a Micro Minnie (loved the name!) and it was just my size (a 20ft towable) with all the bells and whistles of comfort. I am a 68 year old woman, 5’ 4”, and on my own so I needed to be able to manage this myself. My kids were taken by surprise when I announced my new plans for my life. My daughter, with a puzzling look, said to me “Who are you and what have you done with my mother?” Hahaha! My son, the tech person, wanted to be sure he had loaded all tracking apps on my phone, and my daughter joined me in becoming trained with a firearm!

And so the journey began. I planned a trip up the Appalachian Trail, across Vermont, NH and into Maine. South to Massachusetts and west to Michigan and the Upper Peninsula (UP). What an adventure! Once I had visited the most western and the eastern tip of the UP I headed South through Michigan and into Indiana where I visited family and southern towns of my family heritage. I spent the month of October traveling the fall colors of Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. I landed in Jacksonville on November 1st to see my grandkids and embrace the most wonderful hugs. My family welcomed me with open arms. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was right - there’s no place like home!

This journey started in March of 2020 - 2 weeks before the national shut down for Covid-19, and although those closures may have changed the opportunity to visit some areas during the trip, I was always guided by Divine inspiration on an amazing journey!

Having returned home and experiencing a more objective view of the adventure, there are a few ideas I would like to offer:

Follow your own instincts and quiet inner voice. When you listen to the fears and worries of those around you, you may be mislead into giving up on your dream before the miracle. I appreciated the concerns of those who did not understand a woman could make such a journey alone and that they were simply expressing their own fears. It was necessary for me to put some people on the outer circle of my life and surround myself with positive, supportive, upbeat people who said, YES YOU CAN!!! I had many people support this and helped me to plan and gave me great insight. In retrospect, during the travels I was not ‘alone.' God - Divine Consciousness (or what ever word works for you) was with me. The most wonderful people were put in my life at exactly the right moment (Divine Order) when I needed a helping hand, a kind word, or just a friend. I came to see a beautiful side of our humanity that I recently had believed was gone.

When you choose, always choose kindness, acceptance and understanding. It is a challenge to be in a positive mindset at all times, especially when we are hurt, feeling unloved, or unwanted by those we love the most. In those moments, I try to remember just because I believe something doesn’t make it true. We each see the world through our own eyes and perceptions of our life experiences - the good, the bad, and the indifferent - which may bring us to misunderstand a circumstance, intention, or event.

I would like to leave you with a portion of a Daily Word message entitled:

As I have traveled my path, I have learned from people I’ve met, places I have visited and choices I’ve made. Together, my experiences have helped me shape my perspective, fuel my passions, and give meaning to my life.

Like everyone, I am a spiritual being. But I am also an individual, expressing my divinity in ways that are unique to me.

I am blessed with a unique blend of talents and interests that have helped me find my special place in the world.

Thank you to Grit for giving me more opportunities to grow and be a part of a learning experience of strength, leadership, values, and community as it has enhanced my life beyond measure. Recently Brian lent me the book : Untethered Soul - WOW! What an incredible understanding of the consciousness of mind! I highly recommend this teaching if you have not already read the book :) I believe that my relationship with the God of Divine Consciousness continues to grow and will as long as I am here.

Pictured below: various pictures from the trip along with Judy's camper

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