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Labor Day - Earn your Rest

by: Colby Harris

Tomorrow is Labor day and I love Labor Day. Labor Day is celebrated to honor and remember the American labor movement that revolutionized the way Americans live and work. For those of you who don't know, while we evolved beautifully through the Industrial Revolution, the high demand for labor ushered in a new era of work life. The age of manufacturing created an extremely unhealthy work schedule for laborers typically including twelve plus hour work days, seven days a week, and more often than not in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. For a long period of time, American workers just faced the challenge and did as they were told because they had no other option. If they wanted to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head, then they were going to have to work for it! For me, this put a lot in perspective as to how soft, ungrateful, and lazy the average American has become. Before you start defending yourself, or bring up some of the hardest working Americans you know, trust me I know we have some incredible hustlers as well. The simple reality for most people is that the art of earning your rest has been lost.

One thing I have personally found so enjoyable is feeling like I earned my rest. I earned those few hours at the beach, I earned going to that concert, I earned that vacation, or whatever activity it is! I love that sensation of feeling like I did what's necessary and earned the freedom to do what I want. I love working and have a passion for it now, but that has not always been the case. I can promise you that I did not enjoy working late into the night at a restaurant, or scraping dried honey off of honeybee crates, or shoveling manure at the farm- I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two. The problem I see in most young people today is that they work for a few hours at their dead end job and feel like they have earned the right to go home and play Xbox for the next eight hours. There is no personal development involved in their schedule. They are just simply getting by yet wonder why their life isn't as spectacular or enjoyable as they always dreamt it would be. If you are giving minimal effort, then you are going to lead a minimally interesting and enjoyable life. That's just how I feel! Even if you have everything lined up for you- highly successful and loving parents, heir to the corporation, your trust fund will take care of you, your children, and your children's children- an opportunity is still just an opportunity. Without action and healthy life and success habits built into your lifestyle, you will never experience the power and potential of your mental strength.

So how does this correlate back to Labor Day? Well because the beautiful life that is attainable in 2021 for every single person in America, was not as effortlessly given in the past. We have it so easy! I am guilty as charged on this one. I used to go to work at a clock in clock out job and feel like I was entitled to some sort of reward. I remember that version of Colby and use him as fuel everyday because he wasn't nearly as happy, healthy, and fulfilled as I am now. Therefore I have to do my best to continue to give it my all day in, day out so I never become that person again. Every single man, woman, and child in America should feel guilty if they are not waking up each day with serious intentions. Go out, chase your dreams, travel, build relationships, and thrive in this country and beyond! Why? Because at the bare minimum, you should do it for those who can't. Those in other countries who will never have the opportunities you receive here in the states, those who don’t get a choice, and for those whose time here on earth was cut short. Recognize how lucky we are to be here, in this moment, on this day, in this amazing country, with endless opportunities all around you. Enjoy your Labor Day, but earn your rest!

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