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Lessons of Life or Death

Recently, there was a post on LinkedIn where a man in Great Britain wrote about a life threatening heart attack he suffered as a 45 year old. He goes on to share 5-6 things about his life that he is going to intentionally change about his life moving forward. In the hospital bed he vowed:

1. I’m not spending all day on zoom anymore

2. I’m restructuring my approach to work

3. I’m really not going to be putting up with any s#%t at work ever again - life literally is too short

4. I’m losing 15kg

5. I want every day to count for something at work else I’m changing my role

6. I want to spend more time with my family

Reading his post made me think about what my list would be (the link to his full article is here). My list includes the following:

1. I will treat myself regularly with mental breaks (going for a walk, meditating, sitting in relaxation or floating)

2. I will treat myself regularly with physical treats (sauna, steam room, massage) only if I've earned it by exercising regularly. Additionally, I will make sure to get plenty of sleep and not work on negative sleep reserves for longer than absolutely necessary

3. I will intentionally eat fruits and vegetables regularly and drink plenty of water. I will also be mindful of my portions unless it's a special occasion

4. I will choose not to hold onto anger or negative feelings. I will also intentionally show and express love to those I'm closest to

5. I will pursue my passion as the end goal - living my life working towards my purpose and what makes me fulfilled. It's okay to have moments or periods of being side tracked but all roads lead back to my larger purpose

What are your 5 or 6? I'm interested to hear and feel free to share in the comments below

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