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Mid Summer Check-in

by: Christian Cosper (1st year Grit University intern)

Checking in after 6 weeks of Grit University behind me, I am more than satisfied with how the summer has taken course. Each week has brought new challenges, laughs, friends, and business.

Through the interview process for Grit University, I got a grasp for how unique this internship is compared to any other job I could be doing. I knew it would be tough and developmental and would take a lot of energy and resilience from me as an individual. What I didn’t anticipate was that Grit University would force me to depend heavily on the ability to create and uphold relationships.

Primarily, this means maintaining the relationships I have with my two roommates and co-workers: Colby, and Kevin. Of course, living with anybody new has its challenges, but because each of us understand that both other interns are faced with the same rigorous tasks, we each are held responsible to one another for completing them. Fighting the urge to hit snooze on the alarm clock, working out intensely even when you’re sore, reading even when you’re tired, and even working hard when the air conditioning is broken- all become easier when you know the guys next to you are overcoming the same obstacles.

Brian, Kevin, and Colby have shown me the importance of forming relationships with both counselors and clients. I have learned that giving your all at camp from the time you arrive until the time you leave garners respect from the counselors and encourages them to put forth the same effort to make camp the best it can be. In the same way, projecting energy and capability in sales calls or meetings gives clients confidence in your abilities and knowledge.

Finally, the most gratifying relationship I get to build is with the campers. I most enjoy when campers come back the next morning and are excited to compete, strengthen themselves, and have fun. Being able to see firsthand the difference that Grit Camp is making in kids’ lives motivates me to try and do my job better each day, and that starts with sharpening myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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