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Mother's Day Tribute - The boy, the mole, the fox, and the horse

In honor of Mother's Day yesterday, I wanted to share a few nuggets from this book by Charlie Mackesy.  Being a mother is more that carrying us in her body and keeping us alive, it's more that feeding us and keeping us safe when we are young, and it's more than teaching us to love ourselves and love each other.  As you read through some of the dialogue throughout this book, I'm sure you can relate to one of these that you have learned from a mother in your life.

Mole:  What do you want to be when you grow up?

Boy:  Kind

Boy:  What do you think success is?

Mole:  To love

Boy:  What do you think is the biggest waste of time?

Mole:  Comparing yourself to others

Mole:  Most of the old moles I know wish they had listened less to their fears and more to their dreams

Boy:  What is that over there?

Mole:  It's the wild.  Don't fear it

Mole:  One of our greatest freedoms is how we react to things

Mole:  I've learned how to be present.  I find a quiet spot and shut my eyes and breathe

Mole:  Being kind to yourself is one of the greatest kindnesses.  We often wait for kindness, but being kind to yourself can start now

Horse:  Everyone is a bit scared, but we are less scared together

Boy:  What is the bravest thing you have ever said?

Horse:  Help.  Asking for help isn't giving up.  It's refusing to give up

Boy:  When have you been your strongest?

Horse:  When I dared to show my weakness.

Boy:  Sometimes I think you believe in me more than I do

Horse:  You'll catch up

Fox:  To be honest, I often feel I have nothing interesting to say

Horse:  Being honest is always interesting

Mole:  Is your glass half empty or half full?

Boy:  I think I'm grateful to have a glass

Horse:  When the big things feel out of control, focus on what you love right under your nose

Mole:  What's your best discovery?

Boy:  That I'm enough as I am

Boy:  I've realized why we are here.  To love and be loved

Horse:  Don't measure how valuable you are by how you are treated.  Always remember you matter, you are important, you are loved, and you bring to this world things no one else can.

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