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Now Hiring - Grit University Summer 2023 Interns

Do you know of a recent high school graduate or college student looking for a life-changing opportunity to separate themselves from everyone else their age? Here are some of the advantages to being a Grit University intern:

- to become mentally, physically, and emotionally fit

- to learn the mechanics of running a business

- to develop sales, management, and leadership skills

- to have a positive impact on the next generation

- to be mentored by a team with decades of life and business experience

- to get hands-on experience growing a brand through video, social media, and personal engagement

- to make some money! (every intern has made $6,000+ in the previous 3 summers)

Here are some of the obstacles they would need to overcome:

- getting out of their comfort zone

- pushing themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally

- starting their days early

- sacrificing what they want today for what they want tomorrow

- meeting and leading people they have never met before

- live in Jacksonville, Florida for the summer (10 weeks total with 1 week off for the week of July 4th)

* Candidate needs to enjoy teaching, coaching, or playing sports outside

See the attached flier and please share it with anyone you think would be remotely interested, and we can get them started with our application process. We are only looking to hire 1-2 additional interns this summer, so only have them apply if they are hungry and motivated. Thanks!

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