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Revolutionary Summer Sports Camp for Kids

By: Colby Harris

Since the beginning of time the human race has evolved in almost every aspect imaginable. From the invention of the wheel to the creation of the internet, humanity is built on evolution and problem solving. This is evident in the images we see from just fifty years ago, not to mention how far we have come over the last few hundred years, but one area of our lives has seemingly remained untouched. Year after year, decade after decade, the way we educate the next generation has remained stagnant. With shooters in our schools, dementia patients in our white house, and police abusing our civilians, something had to change. It’s time someone took charge to bridge the gap between school, home life, and the real world. Grit Camp is a summer sports camp revolutionizing the way we educate and prepare young people for their future.

Grit Camp is designed to develop mental, physical, and emotional resilience in young people through sports. The backbone of Grit Camp is built within the Grit Creed. The Grit Creed is composed of 12 principles each and every person should live by. At camp, you not only recite these principles aloud every morning but use them as a reference throughout the week and beyond. By using principles, we outline a belief system rather than situationally deciphering right from wrong. This method helps young people understand what it means to have a code of conduct. In comparison to just telling them right from wrong, they have the moral compass to decide for themselves. They won’t always have mommy or daddy to tell them what to do, so Grit Camp supplies them with a positive code of conduct that will help them fulfill their dreams and impact others along the way.

Once kids have a compass to help them navigate their decisions and emotions, then they can start building more situational awareness to help them succeed and survive in the real world. Grit Camp brings out the best in every person by encouraging competition and showcasing active problem solving. When a child or counselor feels undervalued due to someone else's immense skill, organizers don’t pat them on the back and say otherwise. Camp leaders make the notion that whomever has a higher skill set works for it. If you feel inferior, you can take control of your effort and attention in practice to pursue a better version of yourself. It’s a “no participation trophies” mentality because it is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war. By just telling kids what they want to hear and always offering up the easy route, we are cultivating gardeners. If you have a cell phone in 2022, you understand the importance of building this grit at a young age in hopes they can handle the unimaginable despicability of the human race.

Lastly, by incorporating people of all ages in the day to day operations, Grit Camp makes it possible for every person to be immersed in an enjoyable and enriching environment that will add value to their current and future lives. Camp is offered to kids Kindergarten through 8th grade, high schoolers are counselors, college students run the camp, and organizers bring out accomplished athletes of all ages to speak once a week. This creates a trickle down system of all ages meaning the 4th graders can enlighten the 2nd graders, 6th graders for 4th graders, high schoolers for middle schoolers, and so on and so forth. Studies show that people learn best from someone who just got done doing what they are trying to do. Grit Camp is a true testament to that because you can witness the enthusiasm and attention the kids have towards these students slightly older than them. If you did not know any better, you would think the counselors are superman or wonder woman. That is the level of faith and appreciation these kids have for them.

In conclusion, the way we educate young people has not evolved in the last 300 years. Future generations do not need twelve years of math, they don’t need forty hours a week in a classroom, and they definitely don’t need to be told what to do with their life. These kids need less substance of what, and more immersion in the how and why of life. They say, “don’t fix something that isn’t broken”, yet our education system isn’t just broken - it's mutilated. It’s time we stop educating employees and puppets, and start enlightening leaders and trail blazers of the next generation. Grit Camp is a summer sports camp revolutionizing the way we educate and prepare young people for their future.

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