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Simple Way to Reach Fitness Goals in 2023

By: Colby Harris

Happy New Year! With a New Year comes new goals, ambitions, and resolutions. Today, I want to share the system that made it possible for me to reach my fitness goals. I had never been into fitness until 2020 when I made a New Years resolution to make a change physically and truly test the capabilities of my body. Fast forward three years and I am still working out and getting active almost everyday, enjoying all different foods, and am happy to be on this fitness journey. Here are the 3 things you need to know to simplify your fitness journey in 2023 and beyond:

  1. Establish a why

Why do you want to make a change in your life? This is a very personal question, but fitness is a personal experience. You have to show up and workout. You have to watch your diet and what you are consuming. You need to establish YOUR reason for improving physically so you have a cornerstone to your journey. For me, I wanted to look more athletic heading into our summer sports camp in 2020. I wanted to look and feel like an athlete these kids could admire.

  1. Outline your desired outcome

There is a lot of different versions of “improving fitness”, so you need to determine what your goal is. This will dictate the style of training you do. For example, I wanted to add some muscle mass before losing body fat. I went on to create a weight lifting schedule and then started working in some cardio to burn extra calories. Defining your desired outcome is very important before starting so you have a plan and don’t allow yourself to slack off.

  1. Show up

Some people will say it’s irrelevant to show up if you aren’t giving 110% everyday - this is entirely false. What is important is that you show up and do the best you can. Life can get in the way of your fitness goals so it is important you prioritize them by showing up when life allows it. If you normally workout for one hour but only have thirty minutes, get after it with that thirty minutes. DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES FOR YOURSELF. When you miss a workout, get back to it in a matter of DAYS. WHen you fall off your diet, get back on in a matter of HOURS. Falling off the horse isn't bad, but not getting back on is.

These three things made it possible for me to not only reach my fitness goals, but establish new ones! I love working out and getting active as it has become a daily ritual. This system makes this evolution of your life sustainable. If you are all in or all out, you will never last. Establish a why, outline your desired outcome, and then consistently show up! Continue to love yourself through this journey and you will make physical health a priority through 2023 and beyond.

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