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The Cure for the Coronavirus

There has been a lot of talk recently about the Coronavirus - a virus that is an epidemic on its way to become a pandemic as it has continued to spread around the world.  Countries and people are being quarantined, flight travel is diminishing, companies are losing money, jobs are being lost, and the media is helping expedite fear.  My family is supposed to go to Lego Land in Orlando for spring break, and I was deciding whether or not we should cancel the trip.  The decision I made was based on the logic that unless 100% of the families at my kids schools decided to stay home for spring break, then everyone is potentially protected when the kids go back to school.  However, all it takes though is one family out of hundreds that decides to travel and somehow contract it over spring break.  All the kids would then potentially get it when they return back to school, a petridish of germs!  So why should we ruin our fun?  We are going to Lego Land.  In addition to that, even if we do contract Coronvirus, then we already know the cure for it:  Rest.  Mental and physical rest.  Let me explain.  Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine that is a doctor, and he said that the reason doctors tell clients all the time to 'get rest' is because it is the best cure for most sicknesses or injuries.  Our bodies know how to heal themselves.  They have been doing it for generations through natural evolution.  Furthermore, he said doctor's jobs are to help expedite our bodies in healing themselves.  The current recommendation for current victims of Coronavirus is to self-quarantine and basically let your body heal itself before you come back out in public.  For some of us, 10-14 days of scheduled rest, is it really so bad?  Granted people still need to work and make money, but if your income situation is affected by 14 days off work, then it's potentially time to figure out how to create revenue for yourself outside of your current model.  Regardless, it seems that physical rest and self-quarantine will be key for anyone affected by the virus.  So it's important to prepare your mind and family for the possibility that self quarantine may be a possibility, and preparing for it mentally will also help you deal with it easier if it does happen. For mental rest, it has been scientifically proven that when our minds are in a dreamlike theta state that our body releases T cells.  T cells are the cells that travel through our bodies and fix things.  So how do we get our minds in more theta states?  Deep meditation.  Usually about 10-12 minutes into a meditation session your mind starts to enter the realms of theta state.  It's a subconscious state of mind just below our conscious state of mind.  Oprah and Deepak would further recommend adding a mantra to focus on during your meditation related to mind/body strength.  The more we remind ourselves that abundance and health are a mindset, the more we can manifest our conscious body to do the right things to help us heal.  Now, I know I'm not a doctor, and I don't claim to know everything about this impending virus, but what I do know is that our bodies have helped heal us for centuries and there is no reason for us to think or believe otherwise.  Stay the course, don't let fear guide your decisions, and remember to let your body rest - mentally and physically.  Here is a link to a short article on 4 ways to improve your physical rest:

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