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The Grit Creed

The past few weeks we have had a chance to hear from our Grit University summer interns about their experience so far and about Grit Camp - the business they are running for the summer.  It has been more than inspiring to watch these young men not only transform their own lives by the habits they are forming, but also to watch how they are inspiring the kids we have at camp each week.  We have had 143 campers through 5 weeks of camp (3 more weeks of camp left), and we have had our fair share of obstacles to overcome!  Part of the core identity of the internship and camp we are running is what we call 'The Grit Creed.'  Each morning after warm ups at camp, we have the kids recite out loud our Grit Creed which includes these 12 mantras (they can also be found at

I am someday going to be what I am now becoming

I don’t find an excuse.  I find a way

I am NOT a problem spotter.  I am a problem solver.

I speak to encourage not only myself, but also others

‘I can, I will, and I’m going to’ is my mantra in the face of adversity

I will follow through with what I say what I will do

I will try and try and try again

I will never ask someone to do something I’m not willing to do

I am cool, calm, and collected

I am mentally, physically, and emotionally resilient

I will accept the things I cannot change.  The courage to change the things I can.  And the wisdom to know the difference

I will lead by example because my purpose is larger than me The idea behind the creed to to instill these life principles into these young people and to serve as a daily reminder for all of us on the mindset to carry into our daily lives.  It also helps keep our teaching simplified during the day as we can simply 'remind' campers of a certain part of the creed as their actions require!  In addition to weaving these principles into the sports and activities during the day, we play motivational movies at lunch each day that further cement these principles as well as have unique speakers that come in and reinforce them as well. We have now approached a 'second wave' of Covid here in Florida which will continue to be a challenge in our mission of providing this service to young people.  However, we recognize that we are fortunate to still have the opportunity to proceed with the camp these next 3 weeks based on current state and local restrictions.  Especially in a time like this, we believe that the product we are providing these young people is exactly what they need.  Not only the opportunity to supplement their home and school educations with these principles we are teaching, but also the chance to be outside, be active, and have safe social interaction which is a crucial part of the developmental piece in young people.  We hope they carry these principles with them into the school year and beyond so that they can overcome any obstacle life puts in their path.   In closing, I encourage you to read and implement the Grit Creed on a daily basis and apply them in your life.  None of us are perfect, but by adopting these principles into our life and having the consistent daily reminder helps us remain steadfast in getting better and stronger each and every day.  Have a great week!

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