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Week 1 of Grit Camp 2024

The week of May 27th, we hosted 22 campers and 14 counselors.  It was a smaller week of camp since the majority of Jacksonville schools were still in session, but it was a great week to assimilate to our new facility this summer at Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church.  It also gave us a chance to get our new counselors up and running, and it was a great kickoff to the summer!  We have access to 3 sports fields, an indoor gym, a fellowship hall, and a few other spots around campus.  Our movie theme this week was Surfs Up, and we had Elise Fallucco (a child psychiatrist and masters swimmer) come and speak to the kids about being coachable, surrounding yourself with positive people, and the idea of getting in flow while competing.  

Check out the video recap of the week below and stay tuned for more updates throughout the summer!

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