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Grit Brokerage welcomes Maureen Sullivan!

One of the first people I connected with in the domain industry is Maureen Sullivan. There are a lot of brokers in the domain industry, and there are many opportunities to cross paths with them over the course of various transactions. Maureen was one of those people that we connected from the very beginning, and we had a great relationship of sharing ideas, recent sales (especially in the .co extension), swapping stories, and figuring out ways to work together. We had a chance to meet at a domain conference in Vegas a few years back, and I always appreciated her 15+ years experience in the industry as she has such a wide scope of knowledge with her years in the business. I had always said that I wanted to figure out a way to work together more in the future. What I appreciated most about her is that she was always direct, honest, fair, and led with the best interest of others in her dealings.

At the start of the year, we brought Maureen on as our Senior Domain Consultant, and we are very excited for what she contributes to our growing firm. In addition to the hundreds of domains we currently market and sell each month through outbound sales, we have tens of thousands of domains we manage 'inbound' leads for, and Maureen's specialty is exactly that. Additionally, she continues to be a pricing consultant for top portfolios acquired by GoDaddy. Maureen has In-depth experience with premium domain name sales from 5-7 figures USD, pricing top level domain portfolios, domain acquisition success, and brand strategy for startups. As a Boston native, avid Tom Brady fan, photographer (see picture below), and type 7 in the Enneagram, she is going to be a huge asset for our team moving forward.

When not dealing with domains, Maureen is an award winning author, nature photographer, traveler, and believer in meditation.

Maureen, we are so very excited to have you join us and looking forward to many fruitful years ahead!

Pictured below: Maureen and the bald eagle she sees each morning on her daily walk!

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